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1BizWeb web presence solution

1BizWeb service is the Internet presence service that builds with your needs in mind. You will take the advantage of the 1BizWeb to present your business on the Internet quickly and easily with full e-commerce power at lowest cost.

1BizWeb service is an all-in-one package that containing dynamic database driven web site, multi-user email account, online catalog, shopping cart and hosting service together with a flat monthly fee so that you will never have to look elsewhere for all you need to present your business on the internet.

1BizWeb comes with the easy to use Administration interface, so you can instantly add, reduce, modify and update the content any time and anywhere through the administration interface in the web browser. Best yet, it is a collaborative environment that allows you and the others working together in different locations at different time to manage the content with total control of the administrator. You can also collaborate with our technical staff live online to manage your web site and solve the problems.

1BizWeb is dynamic web site that allow you to add, reduce the contents, categories and menu items anyway you want with no limitation of the number of pages.

1BizWeb is professionally designed. The look and feel will be uniquely fits your image in business.

1BizWeb service is also fully customizable. You can add any customized feature the way you want.

1BizWeb's main features

Flexible structure
1BizWeb’s web site is fully database driven dynamic site. The owner can expand or decrease the site’s content according to their current situation without the technical or financial concern.

Owner manageable content
The site comes with a site administration interface that allow the owner to manage their site content form a web browser anywhere at any time.

Collaborative environment
The site’s Administration interface is built with collaborative working environment in mind. The owner and the other staff will be able to manage the site form different locations through the web browser.

In time, on spot content delivery
Through the site’s Administration interface, the owner will be able to instantly modifying and updating the site’s content at any time and from anywhere in the world to insure the content is always accurate and current. They may even update the content at the very moment that some important person about to view the site.

Professionally designed look and feel
The site’s look and feel is professionally designed and customized according the needs of the owner.

E-Commerce ready
The site has come with Online Catalog and Shopping Cart for those who evolved or wish to get evolved in B2B or B2C e-commerce.

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